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This website will undergo periodic updates to add/update content and functionality, refine the format, and correct software bugs. Listed below are people added and updated since the previous update, and the chronology of updates.

Chronology of Updates

New!2 Apr 2016New look! Wider page, larger fonts, home page reorganized, family menu bar relocated, some buttons on main menu bar relocated to the footer. Added 69 and updated 34 people, mostly additional descendants of Mary “Polly” Gazlay (1747-1805) and her husband Dr. William Forman (1749-1816).
 7 Sep 2015Added 209 and updated 14 people, mostly descendants of Osip ‘Josef’ Krupowski and his wife Antonina and their children Kostak (who settled in Montville, CT), Stanislaus  ‘Stanley’ (who settled in Schenectady, NY), and Magdalina ‘Margaret’ (who settled in Amsterdam, NY). All were natives of Polish Russia.
 11 May 2015Added 72 and updated 4 people, mostly parents and additional descendants of Joseph George Voelker (1868-1915) and his wife Margaret Percy (1875-1945).
 25 Apr 2015Added 68 and updated 4 people, mostly descendants of Edward Wesley ‘Ned’ Constant (1848-1903) and his wife Mary Elley Keene (c.1847-1898).
 5 Apr 2015Added 44 and updated 35 people, including: ancestors of Sabra Elvira Cornwall (1821-1859); descendants of  James Clyde Gazley (1895-1943]; and additional descendants of Daniel Boyens (1812-1900).
 1 Mar 2015Added 91 and updated 55 people, including: descendants of Bruce Morrison Vann (born Dobbs) (1922-1976); descendants of James Watson Scales, Jr. (1902-?); and additional information and family members of Alexander Hamlin Hollenbeck (1846-1927).
 12 Feb 2015Added 99 and updated 50 people, including: Scottish ancestors of David McGregor (1865-1944); ancestors of Amy Lewis (1751-1805), first wife of Rev. Silas Constant (1769-1825); and descendants of May Elma Fleming (1919-2011).
 13 Dec 2014Added 183 and updated 58 people, including: ancestors and descendants of Edwin D. Elder (1855-1911); extending several branches of the Gazlay family; and filling in details of various individuals and families.
 2 Nov 2014Added 156 and updated 21 people, including: additional ancestors and descendants of Clarence Wiley Dobbs (1890-1927); extending several branches of the Gazlay family; and filling  in details of various individuals and families.
 18 Oct 2014Added 119 and updated 62 people, extending several branches of the Gazlay family and filling in details of various individuals and families.
 28 Sep 2014Added 252 and updated 72 people, extending several branches of the Gazlay family and filling in details of various individuals and families.
 30 Aug 2014Added 84 and updated 29 people, mostly ancestors of Joshua Keith Niswonger (born 1990).
 17 Aug 2014Added 50 and updated 14 people, mostly additional descendants of James L. Sherman (c.1847-1896) and his wife Larisa ‘Sarah’ Cotten (c1854-?).
 20 Jul 2014Added 33 and updated 34 people in various Gazlay and related families.
 21 Jun 2014Added 34 and updated 2 people, mostly descendants of David Henry Gazlay (1864-?) and his wife Margaret E. Daley (1873-?). His connection to our immigrant ancestor, John Gazlay, has not been determined, although census records indicate his father was born in New York.
 31 May 2014Added 29 and updated 35 people in various Gazlay and related families.
 16 Apr 2014Updated 202 people, mostly adding the surnames under which women were buried (usually their married surname).
 12 Apr 2014Added 21 and updated 7 people, mostly additional descendants and ancestors of William Preston Hampton (1830-1896) and his two wives, Eupheme C. Stedman (c.1839-?) and Josephine Rogers Hinkle (1839-1925).
 30 Mar 2014Added 60 and updated 68 people, including descendants of Janet Rose Politowicz (1940-2011); additional children of  Stephen Champion (1755-1810); and numerous other families and individuals.
 26 Mar 2014Added 34 and updated 6 people, including ancestors, descendants, and other relatives of Helen Theresa (née Anderson) Rickard Glass (1923- ).
 22 Mar 2014Added 29 people, mostly descendants of George Elnathan Gazley (1912-1972) and his wife Elizabeth Dorothy Banas (1916-2011), and additional children of Adolphus Hamilton (c.1818-?) and his wife Matilda Jane Boyd (c.1823-?). Also updated 60 people in various families.
 15 Mar 2014Added 53 and updated 9 people, mostly ancestors and other relatives of Maude Gertrude Bush (1893-1983), primarily with surnames Bush, Latimer, and Wood.
 25 Feb 2014Added 60 and updated 18 people, mostly additional descendants of Zachariah H. Hammond (1820-?) and his wife Mary Ann Killingsworth (1833-1891), and additional descendants of James Albert Lee (1895-1975) and his wife Bertha Teresa Julia Kuhn (c.1904-1959).
 15 Feb 2014Added 28 and updated 12 people, mostly descendants of Ruth Heartt Truex (1900-1946) and her husband LeRoy Burrell LaRue (1895-1953).
 9 Feb 2014Added 88 and updated 15 people, including: additional relatives of Catherine ‘Kitty’ Glaze (1811-1875) and her husband John Haywood Frazier (1798-1863); first husband and other relatives of Martha Matilda Hoge (1907-1960); paternal and maternal ancestors of Leonette Sophia Scales (1897-1992); additional ancestors, wives, and descendants of Selleck S. Scofield (c.1846-?).
 1 Feb 2014Added 161 and updated 14 people, mostly descendants of Charles M. Gazlay (c.1915-before 1880). Also added a detailed biography of David Montross Gazlay (1835-1895).
 1 Dec 2013Added 204 and updated 15 people, mostly descendants of Phillip Heartt (1768 - 1855) and his wife Deidamia Gazlay (1765-1850); and additional descendants of Dolores Joan Ireland (1926 - ) with birth surnames Woelk and DeVille.
 28 Oct 2013Added 10 people: descendants of Charles B. Gazlay and his wife Julia Elizabeth Loomis, and Julia’s relatives (Charles’ parents have not been identified). Also updated 21 other people. New Maps feature!
 24 Sep 2013Added 13 and updated 27 people in several family branches.
 8 Sep 2013Added 34 and updated 7 people, mostly the descendants of William Richard Gazley (1850-1935), born in London, England, and apparently unrelated to our immigrant ancestor, John Gazlay.
 1 Sep 2013Added 65 and update 19 people, including additional relatives of: Harry Arlington Warden (1870-?) and his wife Emma Gazley (1872-1946); Spencer Farrin ‘Bill’ Kuhn (1913-1989) and his wife Ada Mae Dixon (1917-2012); and Martin Briggs (1807-1883) with his first wife Hannah Camp Scrantom (1811-1864).
 18 Aug 2013Added 91 and updated 50 people, primarily descendants of Lewis T. Kline (1857-1930) with his two wives, Emma A. Gazlay (1860-1895), and Elizabeth Lamonte McKinnon (1865-1947).
 20 Jul 2013Added 52 and updated 4 people, including descendants of Dickinson Gazlay (c1818-?) and his wife Lydia Davis (1823-1913).
 14 Jul 2013Added 26 and updated 20 people, including: parents and siblings of Annie P. S. Duvall (1867-1939), wife of Webster Gazlay (1862-1914);  parents and siblings of Elizabeth Montross, wife of Andrew Sutton  (?-1796); and daughters of Orville F. Gazlay (1814-1872) and his wife Mary Eliza Vanrise (1816-?).
 5 Jul 2013Added 49 and updated 25 people, mostly descendants of: Phillip H. French (1848-?) and his wife Mildred Gray (?-?), including their Gilchriest and Christenson descendants; Edward F. French (1832-1889) and his wife Abby E. Furman (1831-1891) and their Crowell descendants; Robert C. Cowan (1882-?) and his wife Mary Isabella Furman (c1875-1944); and Aidine Squire (1877-) and her husband Arthur Veitch White (?-?).
 26 Jun 2013Added 17 and updated 35 people, mostly descendants of Lillian S. Gazlay (1883-?) and her two husbands, Harry Dale Cowan (1881-?) and Clarence D. Scofield (1875-?), and various Cowan relatives.
 19 May 2013Added 65 and updated 9 people, mostly descendants of: a) Ethel Allison ‘Dee’ Gazlay (1883-1981) and her husband Charles Vanderlip Rich (1881-1951), along with related Rich, Ambrose, and other families; b) John Chester Gazlay (1886-1966); c) Eric Morton Gazlay (1954-2013).
 6 May 2013New Search options! (If you don’t see them, refresh this page.) Now can search by First Name, Middle Name, or Nickname, in addition to the original search by Surname. Also, made several cosmetic changes to the Home page and Cemeteries page.
 21 Apr 2013Enhanced buttons! (If you don’t see them, refresh this page.) Added 153 and updated 64 people, mostly ancestors and descendants of: Albert Henry Standish (1849-1921) and his wives Carrie E. Hubbard (1854-1894) and Mary Alice Stuart (1862-1932); and Warren Wood Ryan (1886-1949) and his wife Muriel Coryell (1893-1967).
 31 Mar 2013Added 41 and updated 24 people, mostly additional descendants of Charles Clifford Gazley (1872-1961) with his two wives Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Hammond (c1875-1953) and Marguerite Elizabeth Tullos (1882-1966).
 23 Mar 2013Added 57 people and updated 1 person, mostly descendants of Anne Gazlay (1776-1813) and her husband Henry Spencer (1774-1853).
 17 Mar 2013Added 34 and updated 4 people, mostly ancestors and descendants  of Lee Page (1881-1954).
 13 Mar 2013Added 141 and updated 40 people, mostly from several interrelated families with surnames including Fetter, Gazlay, Hildebrand, Knickerbocker, Morgan, Rhoades, and Zehner.
 4 Mar 2013Added 38 and updated 19 people, mostly descendants of LeRoy Wilson Monroe with his wife Inez F. Ostrander.
 1 Mar 2013Added 18 and updated 5 people, mostly the descendants of Steve George Mohacsi (1922-2012) with his first wife Beatrice M. Guinn (1926-), along with Steve’s parents and siblings.
 12 Feb 2013Added 188 and updated 36 people, mostly the descendants of Amasa D. Gustin (c. 1791-1865), with surnames of relatives and descendants including Cutler, Gustin, Fenton, and Wilcox.
 22 Jan 2013Added 268 and updated 39 people, mostly the large branch of descendants of Elizabeth Gazlay (1763-1847) and her husband Samuel Furman (1753-1830).
 9 Dec 2012Added 132 and updated 252 people, including more descendants of David Ward Gazlay (1830-1899), especially the Gazlay-Freeman branch and the Herman-Quardokus branch; and descendants of Harriet Jane Truland (1922-1997) and her Truland and Leonard ancestors. Most of the updates were to fix an issue with nicknames.
 17 Nov 2012Added 92 and updated 25 people, mostly the descendants of Elnathan Gazley (1808-1887), son of Joseph Gazlay (1771-1821) and his wife Annie Marshall (1772-1841).
 26 Oct 2012Added 147 and updated 48 people, including large portions of two branches descending from Joseph Gazlay (1771-1821) and his wife Annie Marshall (1772-1841), with more branches to come.
 3 Sep 2012Added 111 and updated 21 people, mostly descendants of Aribert Gazlay (1797-1884). Enhanced the Search function to also list people under their married names and changed names.
 15 Aug 2012Added 179 and updated 28 people, including the descendants of nine more children of James Gazlay (1758-1823) (with the descendants of two children still to be entered/updated); and the ancestors of Carl Joseph Zacchara (born Dustin John Wilson in 1968, and formerly known as Carl Joseph St. Marie).
 12 Jul 2012Added 74 and updated 25 people, mostly descendants of Theodore Gazlay (1815-1899). Made several performance improvements, especially on the Family History tab.
 22 Apr 2012Added 319 and updated 32 people, mostly descendants of the large branch headed by David Ward Gazlay (1830-1899). Also updated some of the descendants of John Preston Mailler (1890-1960).
 16 Feb 2012Added 70 and updated 16 people, mostly descendants of Charles Clifford Gazley (1872-1961), and descendants of Harry Roger Ryan (1876-1941).
 18 Jan 2012Added 75 and updated 39 people, mostly descendants of Ralph Kenneth Culver (born Gazley) (1920-2012), and descendants of Karinda and Abigail, daughters of Joshua Gazlay (1785-1842), and their respective Fuller/Crippen and Ryan/Harris lines.
 30 Dec 2011Added 34 and updated 13 people, mostly descendants of Eliza Hampton (Gazlay) Chase (1910-2003), Ida May (Bedell) Gazlay (1889-1970) and her sister Julia Alvira (Bedell) Gilbert (1894-?).
 22 Dec 2011Added 51 and updated 26 people, mostly descendants of Joshua Gazlay (1785-1842) and Webster Gazlay (1862-1914), with more to add in both lines.
 28 Nov 2011Added 28 people and updated 14 people. Most of the additions are descendants of George Gazley (?-1843) and Abraham Gazley (c1794-1839), sons of Jonathan Gazley (1760-1835).
 8 Nov 2011Added 57 people and updated 17 people. Most of the additions are descendants of Ward Madison Gazlay (1782-1836). Corrected several issues with the Search and Family pages viewed in IE7. Fixed several minor bugs.
 19 Oct 2011Added 190 people and updated 18 people. Most of the additions are descendants of William C. Gazley and Samuel D. Gazlay, sons of Jonathan Gazlay and brothers of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Gazley. Added several enhancements to the Family page. Updated the FAQs with several browser-related items. Updated the Terms/Privacy page. Added a favicon!
 13 Aug 2011Added 485 people: descendants of Rev. Silas Constant and his wife Amy Lewis, along with spouses and their parents. Added the Constant family history, Ancestors and Descendants of The Reverend Silas Constant, by Robert Lee Gazlay, 14th Edition, available as a .pdf download in Sources. Fixed several minor bugs on the Family History tab. Enhanced the male and female icons (click on your browser Refresh button to display the new icons).
 30 Jul 2011Added 175 people and updated 26 people. Most of the additions are descendants of Dr. Thomas Jefferson Gazley and his wife Elizabeth Boyce, along with spouses and their parents. Added a biography of the same Dr. T. J. Gazley. Other substantial additions include the descendants of Rocco Palmisano. Updated the home page: enhanced the Top Ten list, and added an intro about John Gazlay, our immigrant ancestor.
 1 May 2011Added 64 people and updated 27 people. Most of the additions are 45 additional descendants of Daniel and Susannah (Leavenworth) Gazlay, along with spouses and their parents. Corrected the emigration year to 1899 for Georgina Dyer Pamisano and her 3 eldest children. Made improvements to the Descendants, Descendant List, Family History functions and Home pages.
 3 Apr 2011Added 88 people and updated 11 people. Most of the additions are descendants of Salvatore Palmisano, born in Sicily, and his wife Georgina Dyer, born in what is now South Africa, along with spouses of their descendants and the parents of spouses.
 20 Mar 2011Added 196 people and updated 49 people. Most of the additions are descendants of John Furman Gazlay (1788-1875), their spouses and spouses’ parents. Made several visual enhancements (Internet Explorer browsers up to IE8 will not see most of these enhancements...good reason to upgrade to a browser other than IE).
 30 Jan 2011Added 92 people and updated 12 people. Nearly all of the additions are descendants, spouses, and parents of five newly re-discovered children of Alexander and Susanna Gazlay. Updated the search page for searching surnames with more than 50 individuals.
 27 Dec 2010Added the biography of Addison Gazlay Warner, a Civil War hero. Added 32 and updated 25 people, mostly descendants of Albert S. Gazlay, a son of Aaron Gazlay.
 12 Dec 2010Added 80 people and updated 17 people, mostly descendants of Aaron Gazlay, particularly descendants of his daughter Sarah Sally Gazlay and his sons David M. Gazlay and Henry Martin Gazlay. Added a biography of Theodore Gazlay. Normalized the left navigation bar.
 29 Nov 2010Added a new Tree view that shows ancestors (paternal or maternal) and descendants (children) of the selected person. Added the biography of Webster Gazlay. Added 52 people and updated 44 other people, mostly Gazlay descendants, with focus on the descendants of Aaron Gazlay. Fixed bugs on the Family History page to correctly show baptism events, and eliminate the duplication of some event notes. Fixed several other minor bugs.
 15 Nov 2010Added 134 people and updated various details of 91 other people, mostly Gazlay descendants. Added the Gazlay History by Margaret Howe, available as a .pdf download. Fixes several minor bugs.
 7 Nov 2010Added 126 people and updated various details of 17 other people, mostly descendants of Daniel Gazlay. Made the .pdf version of Engish Origins of the Gazlay Family available for download on the Origins/Gazlay page. Made minor changes to the Family page (color coded the icon to match gender, moved Sources to the bottom).
 2 Nov 2010Added 17 people and updated various details of 14 other people, mostly descendants of Miles Mosher Gazlay. Now have over 1,500 people! Corrected a bug on the Family History page that caused the wrong marriage information to be displayed in rare cases.
 31 Oct 2010Added 54 people and update various details of 14 other people, mostly descendants of Miles Mosher Gazlay.
 28 Oct 2010Added 11 people and updated various details of 27 people, mostly descendants of John Preston Mailler and his wife Margaret Brown McGregor.
 25 Oct 2010Added 23 people, mostly descendants of Jolaine Tria (Stamm) Phillips. Updated various details for 21 people including pictures on the Family pages of 3 people.
 18 Oct 2010Added 24 people, mostly descendants of Elizabeth (Hartling) Bonville. Bug fixes: added explanatory notes in the Descendants, Descend List and Family History pages where a person is listed with both the birth parents and adoptive parents (this situation is relatively rare).
 9 Oct 2010Added (in Sources) an account of the murder of JW Roby in 1898. Added 38 people, mostly Clark descendants including several Nadeau relatives. Updated various details of 12 other people.
 28 Sep 2010Added lists of people added and updated on the Update History page (i.e., What's New). Added 49 people, mostly Clark relatives. Updated various details for 20 people. Corrected bugs in the Descendant and Descend List pages that caused incorrect counts of descendants and cospouses, and in the Family History page that displayed the incorrect ancestry for some people.
 21 Sep 2010Added family of John L. Nelson. Added family of Harrietta Nelson including marriages to Charles Obday, Elmer Hannaford, and Asa Oliver; and children (all by Charles Obday).
 12 Sep 2010Reorganized the FAQs page, and corrected a problem with pages not refreshing correctly after an update.
 11 Sep 2010Added a Family History page that combines all of the birth, marriage, death, burial, immigration, adoption, and biographical details for descendants and spouses of a selected individual. The book format is similar to popular family history styles and includes reference citations at the end of each generation. Restored the link for Terms/Privacy to the top menu bar, and added the FAQs link to the top menu bar.
 1 Sep 2010Added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page with a link in the footer. Added/corrected several dates and names for children of Pat and Bill Willard.
 29 Aug 2010Added Top Ten Surnames list on the home page. Added John Radzvilowicz, wife Michelina Zacharowa, and their descendants. Added relatives of Lulu J. (Strickland) Beckwith. Made several minor cosmetic changes.
 22 Aug 2010Changed the Descendants page to a tree view, and renamed the old page to Descend List. Updated details for Christina Strong and her parents. Updated Samuel Chapel, his first wife, and one child by each of his wives (both children died in infancy). Added some of the descendants of Edward V. Hauch and his wife Anna Bannon.
 11 Aug 2010Added links on the Family and Cemetery pages to the photos of grave markers on the Photos page. Added descendants of Gilbert M. Costello. Updated details for James Roselund, Anita DuFour, Ernest Chapel, Roseanna Ashton, and John Clark.
 8 Aug 2010Added a new Cemeteries page with its tab on the top menu bar, and removed the link for Terms/Privacy from the top menu bar (the link remains in the footer). Added a daily Birthday Box on the Home page.
 3 Aug 2010Added site map, and links to site map and terms/privacy in the footer; corrected Simmons spelling error; added middle names for Reitze children; corrected references for Rose Anna Garrett; added details for John Luty and Frank Thomas Gennotti
 27 Jul 2010Website launched!

69 People Added on 2 April 2016

Bassett, Denis Ardinger (ca. 1935 - )
Bassett, Randall G. ( - )
Bassett, Samuel Ardinger (13 September 1907 - 24 June 1970)
Bassett, Samuel Taylor III (ca. 1940 - )
Bassett, Samuel Taylor ( - )
Bennett, Benjamin ( - )
Bennett, Jay ( - )
Bescherer, Franklin Winter ( - )
Blydenburgh, Bertha (21 April 1896 - November 1966)
Blydenburgh, George Beecher (1859 - 1941)
Boyd, Martha ( - )
Conticello, Karen (13 March 1970 - )
Cook, Jason ( - )
Davies, Edward ( - )
Davies, James B. (1916 - 14 July 1985)
Davies, Jane ( - )
Davies, Joyce ( - )
Essig, Frederika ( - )
Forman, Caroline (ca. 1842 - )
Forman, Cornelia H. (ca. 1848 - )
Forman, Mary E. (ca. 1836 - )
Gleason, Ruth L. ( - )
Hirt, Augusta (ca. 1892 - )
Holloman, Andrea ( - )
Horning, Elizabeth ( - )
Montgomery, Caleb Andrew ( xxxx - )
Montgomery, Ceilidh Brid ( xxxx - )
Mott, Helen (22 October 1798 - )
Mott, Joseph Wood (10 February 1804 - )
Mott, William Forman (12 February 1801 - )
Phelps, Ida A. (January 1866 - )
Pratt, Elizabeth ( - )
Rakoski, Joseph ( - )
Sellers, William (ca. 1782 - )
Tefft, Braydon James ( xxxx - )
Tefft, Logan ( xxxx - )
Tefft, Sydney (ca. 1997 - )
Tinsley, Roy Edward ( - )
Wheeler, Bertha (1865 - 1986)
Whitney, Doris Edith (11 February 1921 - 5 April 2013)
Whitney, Edward (November 1889 - )
Whitney, Ernest DeWillmott (11 March 1887 - 18 October 1918)
Whitney, Eugene (ca. October 1909 - )
Whitney, George F. ( - )
Whitney, George Carpenter (15 September 1829 - )
Whitney, Harry (ca. 1907 - )
Whitney, Herbert Phelps (19 August 1895 - June 1983)
Whitney, Howard Nelson (ca. 1899 - 2 June 1900)
Whitney, John (ca. 1928 - )
Whitney, Marion (ca. 1902 - )
Whitney, Pamela J. ( - )
Whitney, Peter J. ( - )
Whitney, Raymond Leslie (20 April 1905 - )
Whitney, Willard Forman (12 December 1861 - )
Whitney, Willard F. ‘Bill’ (22 April 1921 - 30 April 2012)
Whitney, Willard Forman, Jr. (16 March 1893 - September 1971)
Whitney, Willard F. ( - )
Wood, Axy ( - )
Wood, Betsey ( - )
Wood, John W. (ca. 1849 - )
Wood, Martha ( - )
Wood, Sally ( - )
Wood, William N. (ca. 1845 - )
Wood, Zenas ( - )
Woods, Frances ( - )
_____, Kimberly ( - )
_____, Margaret ( - )
_____, Margaret (ca. 1815 - )
_____, Sarah (ca. 1889 - )

28 People Updated on 2 April 2016

Constant, Lauren Marie (19 March 1998 - )
Dean, Caleb Robert (5 December 1997 - )
Finch, Harriet A. (ca. 1910 - )
Fisk, Avery (ca. 1997 - )
Forman, Anna Nancy (February 1764 - 28 May 1833)
Forman, Benoni Bradner (ca. 1785 - )
Forman, Sarah ( - )
Forman, William, Dr. (17 March 1749 - 4 July 1816)
Freeman, Sebastian (ca. 1997 - )
Gassoway, Elizabeth (ca. 1997 - )
Gazlay, Doris Jo ‘Jodee’ (30 July 1948 - 7 July 2015)
Gazlay, Hannah Jennifer (1997 - )
Gazlay, Mary ‘Polly’ (4 October 1747 - 6 June 1805)
Gazley, Ernest E. (19 March 1908 - August 1980)
Griffin, Cameron Baker (16 October 1997 - )
Howanec, Loretta Ann (17 February 1955 - 1 September 2015)
Kirchgessner, Danielle Grace (ca. 1997 - )
Mott, Jesse ( - )
Nadeau, Jonathan Bryan (11 November 1997 - )
Pascale, Nicole ‘Nikki’ (1997 - )
Sellers, Jane Esther (ca. 1816 - 16 February 1903)
Shearn, Dylan (ca. 1997 - )
Soltan, Lillian T. (15 October 1917 - 2 September 2010)
Tinsley, Elizabeth G. (20 December 1912 - 22 June 2003)
Truland, Holly Rose (ca. 1997 - )
Wood, Caleb (ca. 1815 - 14 January 1885)
Wood, Hannah Elizabeth (24 November 1842 - 29 October 1940)
Worst, Josh ( - )