Gazlay Family History


Family history research is never a solitary endeavor. And so it is with this family history, or to be exact, this collection of family histories. Many people have contributed to the effort, and I am indebted to every one of those people. There are a few who have been especially helpful and who deserve special recognition:


Peggy (Krupowski) Gazlay, my wife, for her total support in the hours, trials and tribulations I spend in family history research and web development.

Francis Gazlay of Michigan for the research and production of his 1978 Gazlay family tree that gave me the first glimpse of my Gazlay family roots.

David Gazlay of Michigan for the research and compilation of his extensive Gazlay family trees (June 1984 and August 2001 editions).

Leif Biberg Kristensen for his website and database design, found at

Shirley (Chapel) Smith for her extensive research into the Chapel, Garret, Krupowski, and related families, and for the many excursions to walk cemeteries looking for long lost relatives.