Gazlay Family History

FamilyDr. Henry Champion Gazlay


FatherJacob Gazlay (25 March 1795 - 19 August 1869)
MotherMary Champion (5 April 1794 - 13 February 1879)

Personal Information

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NameHenry Champion Gazlay
Born 1 August 1818 in Otsego County, New York1, 2, 3, 4
Married 24 October 1842 in Truxton, Courtland County, New York to Sabra Elvira Cornwall3
Married 21 February 1860 in Cortland, New York to Catherine Malvina Bolles3, 5
Married 12 September 1876 in Cortland, New York to Mary Ann (née Baldwin) Brabrook3
Married 2 November 1896 to Martha Eliza (née Wright) White6
Died 19 March 1900 in Creston, Iowa5
Buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Homer, Cortland County, New York7


From The Champion Genealogy: "H. Champion Gazlay, M.D., began his study of medicine in 1838, and two years later entered upon his practice. During the winters of 1949 and 1850 he attended the Central Medical College in Syracuse, N.Y., from which he was graduated in March 1850. In 1863 he entered the Eclectic College of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa., and he was graduated on March 16, 1864. Dr. Gazlay has been coroner of Cortland County for four terms, and for four years has held the appointment of examining surgeon under the Pension Act of 1862. He resides in Cortland, N.Y."3

Dr. Gazlay’s fourth marriage was announced in the Cortland Evening Standard:6


That stalwart Republican, Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay, anticipating the election of McKinley and the coming of a season of prosperity took steps Monday toward increasing his domestic happiness along with his patriotic rejoicing and was married at 3 o’clock that afternoon at the home of the bride at McGrawville to Mrs. Martha Eliza White. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. J. Cowles. Many friends will tender congratulations.


Dr. Gazlay’s obituary provides additional details of his life:8

Dr. Henry C. Gazlay.

The remains of Dr. Henry C. Gazlay, who died Monday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Hollenbeck, in Creston, Ia., are expected to arrive in Cortland Thursday morning and the funeral will be held at the home of his son, Mr. H. W. Gazlay, 138 Groton-ave., Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o’clock.

Henry C. Gazlay was born in South Edmeston, Otsego Co., eighty-two years ago. In 1864 he came to Cortland from Homer, where he had lived for a number of years and took up the practice of the late Dr. H. A. Bolles, who at that time gave up his active practice to devote his time to lecturing. Dr. Gazlay was four times married and three children by his first wife, who was Sabra E. Cornwall of Truxton, survive him. These are Miss Achsa M. Gazlay of Cortland; Mrs. Mary C. Gazlay Hollenbeck of Creston, Ia., and Mr. H. W. Gazlay of Cortland.

The doctor’s health has been failing for some time and in November, 1899 he went to Creston, Ia., to the home of his daughter, where he remained till the time of his death.

Another obituary, in the Brookfield Courier, quoting the Creston (Ia.) Gazette, provides more details:9

Died, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. A. H. Hollenbeck, in Lake View, March 19, of apoplexy, Dr. H. C. Gazley, aged 81 years and 7 months. Short funeral services were held at the home Tuesday evening, Dr. D. P. Breed officiating, and Mr. Hollenbeck left on No. 2 Tuesday night with the remains, for Cortland, N. Y., where interment will take place. Dr. Gazley was a retired physician. For many years he practiced medicine at Cortland. He came to Creston last November to make his home with the family of his daughter. Thursday afternoon Dr. Gazley was stricken with apoplexy, and being unconscious until death. Dr. Gazley was a prominent citizen of Cortland. He was a Mason and a member of the Congregational church. Since coming to Creston Dr. Gazley has made a number of warm friends. He was a gentleman of excellent character and very fine attainments. He has a brother, Miles M. Gazley of South Edmeston, N. Y. –Creston (Ia.) Gazette, March 22.


Spouse 1FamilySabra Elvira Cornwall (daughter of Elihu Cornwall and Polly Waters)
Born 5 April 1821 in Truxton, Courtland County, New York
Married 24 October 1842 in Truxton, Courtland County, New York to Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay
Died 14 August 1859 in Homer, Cortland County, New York
Children of Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay and Sabra Elvira Cornwall:
1.FamilyAchsa Malvina Gazlay
Born 3 October 1843 in New York
Died ca. 1918
+2.FamilyMary Celestia Gazlay
Born 10 January 1846 in New York
Married 31 December 1873 in Cortlandville, New York to Alexander Hamlin Hollenbeck
Died 14 January 1919 in Creston, Iowa
3.FamilySarah Ann Gazlay
Born 19 December 1848 in New York
Died 8 October 1850
4.FamilyEvangaline Gazlay
Born 26 July 1852
Died 8 February 1860 in Homer, Cortland County, New York
+5.FamilyHenry Willis Gazlay
Born 26 November 1854
Married 21 December 1882 in Normal, Illinois to Alice Carrie Johnston
Married 31 March 1909 in Benton, Iowa to Kate K. (née Child) Kiplinger
Married ca. 1925 to May Foster
Died 22 February 1934 in Dayton, Texas
6.FamilyClara Ophelia Gazlay
Born 4 April 1857
Died 22 November 1859 in Homer, Cortland County, New York
Spouse 2FamilyCatherine Malvina Bolles
Born 6 October 1828 in Norfolk, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Married 21 February 1860 in Cortland, New York to Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay
Died 13 January 1876 in Cortland, New York
Children of Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay and Catherine Malvina Bolles:
1.FamilyLeslie Howard Gazlay
Born 28 December 1860
Died 1 July 1861
2.FamilyVictor C. Gazlay
Born 24 September 1862
Died 18 February 1863
Spouse 3FamilyMary Ann (née Baldwin) Brabrook (daughter of Norman Baldwin and Mary Ann ‘Polly’ Robinson)
Born 7 November 1838 in Delhi, Delaware County, New York
Married to William Brabrook
Married 12 September 1876 in Cortland, New York to Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay
Died 25 November 1890
Spouse 4FamilyMartha Eliza (née Wright) White (daughter of James Wright and Jane Brennan)
Born October 1850 in Jefferson County, New York
Married to Henry A. White
Married 2 November 1896 to Dr. Henry Champion Gazlay
Died 29 January 1922 in Cortland, New York


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