Gazlay Family History

FamilyIda May Hauch


FatherWilliam Hauch (6 January 1823 - 16 April 1906)
MotherSophia Jacquillard (20 June 1828 - 27 October 1905)

Personal Information

Record Created: 6 March 2010; Last Edited: 19 February 2011 
NameIda May Hauch
Born February 1869 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey1, 2, 3, 4
Married ca. 1897 to John Philp Patterson3, 4, 5
Died 28 April 19556
Buried in Fairmount Cemetery, Newark, Essex County, New Jersey7
PhotosPatterson, Ida May 


Ida worked for 22 years at the Barkley Corset Co., sewing hand-made corsets.8


Spouse 1FamilyJohn Philp Patterson (son of George Patterson and Euphemia Philp)
Born 18 July 1873 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland
Married ca. 1897 to Ida May Hauch
Died 29 November 1914 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Children of Ida May Hauch and John Philp Patterson:
1.FamilyJohn Philp ‘Johnnie’ Patterson
Born 26 January 1903 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Married 25 June 1933 in Presbyterian Memorial Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Irene Helena Johnston
Died 8 December 1978 in Lake Worth, Florida
2.FamilyIda Valentine Patterson
Born 14 February 1907 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Married 24 December 1955 in First Baptist Church, West Palm Beach, Florida to Edward Elden ‘Eddie’ Johnston
Died 27 October 2010 in Lake Worth, Florida
3.FamilyEffie Philp Patterson
Born 12 June 1910 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Married 14 February 1940 in Evangelical Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey to Karl Steffen
Died 18 January 2003 in Lake Worth, Florida


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  5. Ida (Hauch) Patterson is shown with her parents in the 1900 US Census. Her entry shows that she has been married for 3 years and has had 1 child, still living. However, neither her husband (John Patterson) nor the child are shown here. The identity of the supposed child is unknown. The 1910 US Census shows Ida with her husband John and two children, that they have been married for 13 years (consistent with the 1900 census) and that it is the first marriage for each of them. In a separate entry in the 1900 US Census, John Patterson is shown with his parents, and that record shows that John is single. It is believed that this entry for John Patterson is in error.
  6. Photocopy of handwritten notes, apparently from a Hauch family Bible. The notes are in two pre-printed sections labeled Births and Deaths, and are written in German, evidenced by the spelling of names, and with entries geboren (born), gestorbin (died), and market (married). Original in possession of Ida V. (Patterson) Johnston. The tattered edges of the document are evident in the photocopy, suggesting that the document is quite old.
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