Gazlay Family History

FamilyJohn Preston Mailler


FatherWilliam Henry Mailler (January 1861 - )
MotherSophia Jane Preston (August 1864 - 10 January 1941)

Personal Information

Record Created: 9 November 2009; Last Edited: 25 March 2012 
NameJohn Preston Mailler
Born 25 September 1890 in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Married ca. 1915 to Margaret Brown ‘Reta’ McGregor
Died ca. September 1960


Preston worked for New Jersey Central Power and Light as an engineer.


Spouse 1FamilyMargaret Brown ‘Reta’ McGregor (daughter of David McGregor and Nellie Birrell Patterson)
Born 16 February 1893 in Roseville, Newark, New Jersey
Married ca. 1915 to John Preston Mailler
Died ca. May 1975 in Toms River, New Jersey
Children of John Preston Mailler and Margaret Brown ‘Reta’ McGregor:
+1.FamilyHelen Jane Mailler
Born 9 March 1916 in New Jersey
Partnered with (unidentified)
Married to Robert Harris MacPherson
Married ca. 1947 to Theodore Dwight ‘Ted’ Hoffman
Died 6 May 1996 in Gainesville, Georgia
+2.FamilyJohn Preston ‘Jack’ Mailler, Jr.
Born 5 June 1918 in Madison, Morris County, New Jersey
Married 7 June 1941 in Hanover, New Jersey to Mary DeGroff
Died 27 June 1994 in Escondido, California
+3.FamilyWilliam David Mailler
Born 30 July 1920 in New Jersey
Married to June Kathryn Dobbs
Married to Marie T. Paroline
Died 29 June 1981 in Springfield, Massachusetts


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