Gazlay Family History

FamilySarah Deidamia Heartt


FatherPhilip Titus Heartt (20 March 1806 - 13 October 1887)
MotherSarah Jerusha Pierson (12 December 1816 - 21 January 1866)

Personal Information

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NameSarah Deidamia Heartt
Born 13 April 1853 in Troy, Rensselaer County, New York: Twin.1, 2
Married to Carl Christian ‘Carlo’ Sarauw2
Died 6 January 1932 in Catania, Sicily, Italy2


Sarah and her husband Carlo (also called Charles in some records) lived in Italy, and Sarah’s siblings back in the United States were concerned for their well-being immediately following the 1908 earthquake in Italy, as attested by an article in the New York Times:3

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sauraw [sic, Sarauw], well known in Bloomfield, N.J., are residents of Messina. Their three daughters also reside with them. Mr. Sauraw is an exporter of fruits and oils, and for nearly twenty years was Prefect of that city. Mrs. Sauraw is a daughter of the late Philip T. Heartt of Bloomfield who was American Consul at Glasgow, Scotland, under Presidents Pierce and Buchanan. She has two sisters and a brother residing in Glen Ridge, Mrs. John Scott Jarvie, Miss Heartt, and J. Pierson Heartt. Fears are felt for the safety of the Sauraw and his family. No word has been heard from them, and Mr. J. Pierson Heartt was trying yesterday to reach them by cable.

About a week later they heard from Charles and family:4

A cable-gram from Charles Sauraw and family to friends in Glenn Ridge announces that they have escaped death in the earthquake in Messina. It was feared that they had perished...The family lived in the lower section of Messina and their home was wiped out. They were away at the time, however, and thus escaped the general fate.


Spouse 1FamilyCarl Christian ‘Carlo’ Sarauw (son of Johan Adolph Sarauw and Gertrud Elisabeth Mayer)
Born 12 January 1846 in Messina, Sicily, Italy
Married to Sarah Deidamia Heartt
Died 15 April 1936 in Messina, Sicily, Italy
Children of Sarah Deidamia Heartt and Carl Christian ‘Carlo’ Sarauw:
+1.FamilyGertrude Deidamia Sarauw
Born 11 July 1880 in Messina, Sicily, Italy
Married 11 April 1904 in Messina, Sicily, Italy to Alfred Percy Trewhella
Died 5 April 1959 in Taormina, Messina, Sicily, Italy
+2.FamilyClara Ida Sarauw
Born 24 November 1882 in Messina, Sicily, Italy
Married 15 September 1910 in Rome, Italy to Barone Edoardo Guicciardi
Died 5 February 1919 in London, England
3.FamilyChristina Sarauw
Born 19 December 1885 in Messina, Sicily, Italy
Died 30 May 1934 in Catania, Sicily, Italy


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