Gazlay Family History

FamilyCharles M. Gazlay


FatherAaron Gazlay (16 May 1773 - 29 September 1830)
MotherAbigail Sutton (1 February 1780 - 29 May 1855)

Personal Information

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NameCharles M. Gazlay
Born ca. 1815 in Otsego County, New York1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Married to Martha Ann _____: presumably.
Married to Catherine E. _____3
Died before 1880


Charles M. Gazlay’s early life is sketchy. He is found in the 1850 census living in New Berlin, Chenango County, New York, with his mother, Abigail Gazlay, and two minors, David M. Gazlay and Mary C. Gazlay, who are presumed to be his children. Several records provide circumstantial evidence that their mother, and presumably Charles’ first wife, was named Martha Anna (maiden name unknown). Charles and Martha apparently lived in Rensselaer County, New York, where at least Mary Cornelia Gazlay was born, as indicated in the 1855 New York census. Various records link Charles, Martha, David and Mary individually to events and locations in Rensselaer County. Indeed, one record suggests that Charles was in Rensselaer County in 1845. A Troy, New York, newspaper article indicates that a Charles M. Gazley [sic] was indicted for passing counterfeit money, “five several times,” in a Grand Jury in Troy, in December 1845. He did not make an appearance, but apparently his bail was paid in the amount of one hundred dollars for each of the five offenses.7

Perhaps this prompted him to relocate to New Berlin, where he is found from 1850 to at least 1865 based on census records. One supposes that Charles and Martha divorced some time prior to 1850; Martha subsequently remarried at least once and possibly twice. Shortly after 1850, Charles married a woman named Catherine, with whom he had three more children: Henry M., Charlie M., and Georgina. An 1859 New York business directory lists Charles M. Gazlay as a retail grocer in New Berlin. By 1869 he, his wife, and youngest three children had relocated to Brooklyn, New York, when a Brooklyn directory lists Charles M. Gazlay as a carpenter. The 1870 census also lists him as a carpenter and living in Brooklyn with his family.

He is likely the Charles M. Gazlay who is found in Philadelphia city directories in 1871, working at a publishing company, and in 1872, working in a restaurant. The latter directory also lists David M. Gazlay, presumably Charles’ eldest child, working and living at a different address from Charles. David lived in Philadelphia with his family for several years before and after 1870, according to various records. There’s no indication whether Charles’ family was with him in Philadelphia during this time. Trow’s New York City directory of 1879 lists Chas. M. Gazlay in that city working in a liquor store, and again David M. Gazlay is listed in the same directory but at a different address and workplace.

Charles apparently died before 1880, as his wife Catherine is listed as a widow in the 1880 census, living in Old Saybrook, Connecticut with their daughter Georgiana, and no other records have been found after this time that mention Charles M. Gazlay.


Spouse 1FamilyMartha Ann _____
Born ca. September 1820 in New York
Married to Charles M. Gazlay
Married to Abraham Coons
Children of Charles M. Gazlay and Martha Ann _____:
+1.FamilyDavid Montross Gazlay
Born 17 September 1835 in New York
Married 4 November 1858 in New York, New York to Anna Sophia _____
Married 22 April 1861 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California to Mary Jane Shepherd
Married to Mary M. Jennings
Died 31 May 1895
2.FamilyMary Cornelia Gazlay
Born ca. August 1842 in Rensselaer County, New York
Married 19 January 1860 in New Berlin, Chenango County, New York to Zial R. Avery
Married to John H. Flower
Spouse 2FamilyCatherine E. _____
Born ca. 1833 in Chenango County, New York
Married to Charles M. Gazlay
Children of Charles M. Gazlay and Catherine E. _____:
1.FamilyHenry M. Gazlay
Born ca. 1852 in Chenango County, New York
Married to Sarah _____
2.FamilyCharlie M. Gazlay
Born ca. 1857 in New York
3.FamilyGeorgiana Gazlay
Born ca. 1861 in New York


  1. Last Will and Testament, David M. Gazlay, will written September 8, 1876. Summary of will provided by Adine Wakefield in a posting at The will names the following individuals: widow Angeline E. Gazlay; brother Henry M. Gazlay, Putnam CT; A. M. Gazlay, Louisville, KY; sister Sally Warner, Woodstock, NY; brother Charles M. Gazlay, Jefferson County, KY; brother Albert S. Gazlay; deceased brother Oroville Gazlay; Renu (sp?) C. Gazlay, daughter of Oroville Gazlay; Ellen A. Palmer (formerly Ellen A. Gazlay), daughter of Oroville Gazlay, lived in Ruttum (?) Vermont; Abbie (Abby) A. Miller (formerly Abbie A. Gazlay), daughter of Oroville Gazlay, lived in State of Florida, San Mateso. [Note: the family members in this Will match nearly exactly the composition of children of Aaron and Abigail Gazlay named in at least one other record, so this David M. Gazlay is strongly believed to be their eldest son.]
  2. U.S. Federal Census, 1850, New York, Chenango County, Town of New Berlin, page 150, family of Abigail Gazlay (age 68), Charles Gazlay (age 35), David M. Gazlay (age 13), and Mary C. Gazlay (age 8). Relationships are not indicated but Charles is probably the son of Abigail (who is probably the widow of Aaron Gazlay).
  3. New York State Census, 1855, Chenango County, New Berlin, family of Charles M. Gazlay (39, Otsego, Grocer, resided here for 12 years); wife Catherine Gazlay (22, Chenango, resided here for 4 years); child Cornelia Gazlay (14, Rensselaer, resided here for 12 years); child Henry Gazlay (3, Chenango, resided here for 3 years); border Daniel Cornell (17, Chenango, resided here for 1/12 year).
  4. U.S. Federal Census, 1860, New York, Chenango County, New Berlin, Page 83, family of Charles Gazley (43, New York, grocer); Catharine Gazley (26, New York); Henry Gazley (8, New York); Charlie Gazley (3, New York).
  5. New York State Census, 1865, Chenango County, New Berlin, Page 687, family of Charles M. Gazlay (51, Westchester, house maker married 2 times); wife Catharine E. Gazlay (31, Chenango, married once; parent of 3 childern); child Henry M. Gazlay (13, Chenango); child Charlie M. Gazlay (8, Chenango); child Gorgiana Gazlay (4, Chenango).
  6. U.S. Federal Census, 1870, New York, King County, Brooklyn, page no. 33, family of Charles Gassley [sic] (54, N.Y., carpenter); Catherine Gassley (35, N.Y.); Henry Gassley (18, N.Y., works in theater); Charles Gassley (13, N.Y.); Georgiana Gassley (10, N.Y.); Jacob Cooney (25, Ireland, bartender).
  7. Troy Daily Whig, Troy, New York. Available at 19 December 1845, article about Charles M. Gazley being indicted by a Grand Jury for passing counterfeit money.