Gazlay Family History

FamilyHenry Hart


FatherJudah Hart (December 1777 - 26 July 1824)
MotherAbigail Belden (September 1777 - 2 July 1824)

Personal Information

Record Created: 6 November 2010; Last Edited: 6 November 2010 
NameHenry Hart
Born 17 February 18051
Died December 18601


  1. Gazlay History, compiled by Margaret Howe in 1955-1956 (copy available at Gazlay Family History - Sources). Margaret Howe indicated that the document is "based on material my mother Inez L. Gazlay collected, but never lived to edit. Her material has just been copied and explains the more extensive material on generation V and VI. Other information has been added which I found from numerous sources." Unpublished, 29 pages. Several differences in dates have been found between this document and others, especially A Genealogy of the Leavenworth Family; the latter is considered the more accurate source.