Gazlay Family History

FamilyEsther Floretta Gazlay


FatherRalph Leavenworth Gazlay (14 May 1808 - 27 January 1884)
MotherHarriet Elizabeth Hart (2 January 1818 - 26 February 1896)

Personal Information

Record Created: 6 November 2010; Last Edited: 4 September 2014 
NameEsther Floretta Gazlay
Born 10 February 1854 in South Edmeston, Otsego County, New York1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Married to Ira Luce7
Married 31 August 1910 in New Berlin, Chenango County, New York to Elijah E. Parker7, 9
Died 14 February 1934 in New Berlin, Chenango County, New York1, 7
Buried in Hillington Cemetery, Morris, Otsego County, New York1


Esther lived in Bainbridge, Edmeston, Garrettsville, Hamilton, and New Berlin. Her brother Judah Gazlay wrote of Esther Floretta: "the flower of the family has followed Father, Mother, Sister, and two husbands to the grave, and is now caring for Susannah L. who has not walked for four long years. The New Berlin people have been good to her as far as I know." She died in New Berlin as a result of burns.7


Spouse 1FamilyIra Luce
Born 1852 in Herkimer County, New York
Married to Esther Floretta Gazlay
Died 1901
Spouse 2FamilyElijah E. Parker (son of Elisha Parker and Ursilla Hubbard)
Born 24 June 1841 in New Lisbon, Otsego County, New York
Married 31 August 1910 in New Berlin, Chenango County, New York to Esther Floretta Gazlay
Died 7 July 1912


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