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Key:1.“+” preceding a child’s name indicates the child has their own paragraph in the next generation.
 2.“born xxxx” indicates the child is under 18 years of age and the birth date is known but withheld.
This family history features Theodore Dwight ‘Ted’ Hoffman and 12 of his descendants down to the fourth generation.

First Generation
1. Theodore Dwight ‘Ted’ Hoffman,1 born 7 August 1915, the son of Grayden D. Hoffman and Helen W. _____;1, 2, 3 died March 1987 in Gainesville, Georgia.2 Ted married, ca. 1947, Helen Jane Mailler (born 9 March 1916 in New Jersey, the daughter of John Preston Mailler and Margaret Brown ‘Reta’ McGregor;4, 5, 6 Helen died 6 May 1996 in Gainesville, Georgia4).

Ted served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in the Aleutian Islands for a time. Helen and Ted lived for many years in White Heron Lake, Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania, where Ted worked in his father’s store, Hoffman Lumber Company. In the early 1970s they moved to Gainesville, Georgia, where Ted continued employment in a building supplies company.

As a young woman, Helen lived and worked in New York City apparently in a professional art firm. As an adult, Helen was known by her middle name Jane to many people outside the Mailler family. Helen worked in a J.C. Penney’s department store, first in sales and later as a bookkeeper.

+2i. Judith Ann ‘Judi’ Hoffman, born 20 April 1948; died 29 June 2004 in Gainesville, Georgia. Married (1) Thomas George Transue Partnered with (2) Robert Mitchell O’Shields.
 3ii. Jill Hoffman, born ca. 1950; died ca. 1951.

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Second Generation
2. Judith Ann ‘Judi’ Hoffman2 (Theodore ‘Ted’1), born 20 April 1948;1 died 29 June 2004 in Gainesville, Georgia.1, 2 Judi married, first, Thomas George Transue (born ____, parents not determined). Judi partnered with, second, Robert Mitchell O’Shields (born ____, parents not determined).

+4i. Candi Transue, born ca. 1966. Married Ryan Grissom.
+5ii. Donnette Yvonne Transue, born 1 November 1968. Married (1) _____ Prater Married (2) George E. Bowman.
+6iii. Thomas George Transue, Jr., born ca. 1970. Married Tina _____.
+7iv. Theodore D. Transue, born 11 July 1971. Married Shannon _____.

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Third and Fourth Generations
4. Candi Transue3 (Judith ‘Judi’,2 Theodore ‘Ted’1), born ca. 1966. Candi married Ryan Grissom (born ____, parents not determined).

Children of Candi Transue and Ryan Grissom:

 8i. Carley Grissom, born ca. 1988.
 9ii. Cody Grissom, born ca. 1991.

5. Donnette Yvonne Transue3 (Judith ‘Judi’,2 Theodore ‘Ted’1), born 1 November 1968.1 Donnette married, first, _____ Prater (born ____, parents not determined). Donnette married, second, George E. Bowman (born ____, parents not determined).

 10i. Bethany Prater, born ca. 1987.
 11ii. Bradley Prater, born ca. 1989.

6. Thomas George Transue, Jr.3 (Judith ‘Judi’,2 Theodore ‘Ted’1), born ca. 1970. Thomas married Tina _____ (born ____, parents not determined).

 12i. Taylor Transue, born ca. 1993.

7. Theodore D. Transue3 (Judith ‘Judi’,2 Theodore ‘Ted’1), born 11 July 1971.1 Theodore married Shannon _____ (born ____, parents not determined).

 13i. Theodore D. Transue, Jr., born ca. 1995.

  1. This is publicly viewable information found in various public information repositories, people finding websites, and/or social media.