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Daily Manna for Christian Pilgrims

By Aaron Stow. Published by T. Nelson and Sons, London, Edinburgh and New York, 1879. 190 pages.

Nellie (Patterson) McGregor was given this small date book (presumably for a 12th birthday present), in which she recorded birth dates and other life events for various family members and friends. The book measures 2 3/4" wide, 4" long and 7/8" thick. The dark green binding is embossed on the front cover and spine with a black floral pattern and with gold lettering. A floral pattern is embossed over the back cover. The pages are gilt edged. The first blank page bears a handwritten inscription “To Nellie with best wishes from a friend. Dunfermline March 16 1880.”

Daily Manna - Cover
Inscription Page
Inscription Page
Title Page
Title Page
Sample Pages
Sample Pages

The book is intended as a general date book for no particular year, with a passage of Scripture and a brief analysis of each passage given for each day of the year. After a two page preface, the book contains a blank lined page opposite each printed page, one such pair for every two days of the year (except that January 1st and December 31st are on their own pages). There are 96 handwritten entries for various days of the year, all but two entries written in ink. Many entries were written by Nellie, a certainty based on people still living who knew her handwriting. Other entries appear to have been written by the individuals themselves, again based on known exemplars of their handwriting. The accuracy of the information suggested by the entries is considered excellent; family members still living have confirmed many of the entries based on personal knowledge, and various public records provide independent confirmation.

The people in many entries have not been identified, including some with surnames Philp, Patterson, and McGregor, strongly suggesting that they are Nellie’s relatives or in-laws. Also, multiple entries for each of several surnames, especially Black, Cochrane, Lauder and Melville, suggest that they, too, may be related. The unidentified entries are both a source of mystery and an inspiration to conduct further research into the family history. The table below shows the complete list of entries.

DateEntryMy Comments
January 4Wilson Roby, Jr.Nellie’s grandson
January 8Effie McGregor died Jan 21 1898Nellie’s daughter, died at age 8
January 13Robert McGregorNot identified
January 18James MacgregorNot identified; This is not Nellie’s brother-in-law who was born 5 March 1877
January 28James W. anniversaryPossibly Nellie’s brother-in-law (her husband’s brother)
January 28Ratheleau PiersonNot identified
February 1Andrew SwanNot identified
February 3Anna GarisNot identified
February 9Andw HornNot identified
February 14Ida V. Patterson 1907Nellie’s niece
February 16Margaret B. McGregor “1911”Nellie’s daughter; the date refers to her 12th birthday
February 19Janet PatersonNot identified; note the spelling of the last name
February 19J. B. AllenNot identified
February 23Mary S. CochraneNot identified
March 4Annie G. TraillNot identified; first letter of last name is uncertain, could be F or P
March 6Helen M. McGregorNot identified
March 9Helen Jane Mailler Born 1916Nellie’s granddaughter
March 11Annabella ChapmanNot identified
March 16Nellie PattersonNellie’s own entry
March 27Mary Jane ElderNot identified
March 28Thomas LauderNot identified
April 1George PhilpPossibly Nellie’s uncle
April 2Jane K. PhilpNot identified
April 8John Clair HoyleNot identified
April 8Grace McGregorNellie’s youngest daughter
April 13Kay IdenNellie’s friend
April 15Barbara BlackNot identified
April 19John McGregorNot identified
April 26Mrs. ClarkNot identified
April 29Maggie S. L. McGregorNot identified
April 29William S. HornNot identified
May 5Chs PatersonA friend of the family (not a relative)
May 7Ida HauchNellie’s sister-in-law (her brother’s wife)
May 13John PhilpPossibly Nellie’ maternal grandfather
May 21Doris M. McGregorNellie’s granddaughter
May 24Queen VictoriaQueen of England
May 24Mary Hay PhilpNot identified
May 23Mr. ClarkNot identified
May 27James P. CochraneNot identified
May 29Thomas PhilpPossibly Nellie’s uncle
June 1Jeannie McGregorNellie’s sister-in-law (her husband’s sister)
June 5John Preston Mailler, Jr. Born 1918Nellie’s grandson
June 5Robert J. Chamberlain, Jr.Not identified
June 8Wm. S. Kiloh (1897)Nellie’s son-in-law (her daughter Grace’s second husband)
June 12James CramNot identified
June 12Effie Patterson 1910Nellie’s niece
June 15Nellie Birrell PhilpNellie’s maternal grandmother
June 25Alexander C. PhilpNot identified
July 4Robert GisbetNot identified
July 7Kathie EsselhormNot identified
July 8Francis P. LauderNot identified
July 16Jessie MelvilleNot identified
July 18John PattersonNellie’s brother
July 18William P. McGregorNellie’s son
July 20Effie B. LauderNot identified
July 20Robert H. (Bob) Page, Jr.Not identified
July 25Annie Martin 1868Not identified
July 28Mrs. McGregorPossibly Nellie’s mother-in-law
July 31M. P. CochraneNot identified
July 31Robt. L. LauderNot identified
August 1Helen MelvilleNot identified
August 5Isabella SpeirsOwned the house on Gerrard St., East Orange, NJ, where Nellie and David lived
August 7Theo. HoffmanNellie’s granddaughter Helen Mailler’s second husband
August 20Edw. Delancey Honour 1920 age 25Nellie’s son-in-law (her daughter Grace’s first husband)
August 23Ida Jane McGregorNellie’s daughter
August 26Prince AlbertQueen Victoria’s husband
August 29George PattersonNellie’s father
August 29Alex MathewsonNot identified
September 2Matilda BlackNot identified
September 7David McGregorNellie’s husband
September 13J. E. AdamsNot identified
September 25John Preston MaillerNellie’s son-in-law (her daughter Margaret’s husband)
September 29Euphemia Philp Died March 31, 1910Nellie’s mother
October 2James DickieNot identified
October 2Robert MacPhersonNellie’s granddaughter Helen Mailler’s first husband
October 4W. CochraneNot identified
October 5L. L. GarisonNot identified
October 6Maggie G. L. BlackNot identified
October 10Grace MelvilleNot identified
October 12BeveridgePossibly related to Erskine Beveridge, weaver, Dunfermline, Scotland
October 12Estele NicholsMaternal aunt of Leonette (Scales) McGregor, Nellie's daughter-in-law
October 13Maggie MelvilleNot identified
October 13James StewartNot identified
October 16Mary MelvilleNot identified
October 17John CochraneNot identified
October 17David M. RobyNellie’s grandson
October 22George Philp, Jur.Possibly Nellie’s cousin, son of her uncle George Philp
October 26J. Cochrane Junr.Not identified
November 2Clementina BlackNot identified
November 12Helen BlackNot identified
December 14James LauderNot identified
December 24Maggie CochraneNot identified
December 27Marion WilkieNot identified
December 27Magdeline P. LauderNot identified
December 29George Philp Senr.Possibly Nellie’s uncle

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