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This page provides descriptions for all of the website links and pages.

Primary Webpage Links

The Home tab returns to the website home page. This page provides links for the top ten surnames, links for individuals with birthdays, and a summary of What’s New, as of the last update.
The What’s New link provides a list of individuals added or whose information changed during the most recent update.
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The Navigation page provides details on how to navigation the website.
The Search tab provides an alphabetical search of names. Select the type of name to search (surname, first name, middle name, or nickname), and click on a letter to display names starting with that letter. Then click on a name to show all individuals with that name. Click on an individual’s name to display their Family page.
Once an individual’s Family page is displayed, links will appear at the top of the page (conditional on whether the information is available for that individual) for the following:
The Family tab displays the individual’s vital statistics and biographical details, if any, along with the names and brief details for parents, spouse(s), and children.
The Tree tab shows a family tree diagram for the individual’s children, direct ancestors (paternal or maternal), and their spouses. Siblings of the individual’s direct ancestors are included in the tree.
The Ancestors tab shows the individual’s parents, grandparents, etc., in tree form.
The Descendants tab shows the individual’s spouse(s), descendants and their spouses in tree form. Scroll bars are provided to navigate large descendant trees.
The Descendant List tab shows the individual’s spouse(s), descendants and their spouses in list form.
Family History
The Family History tab combines all of the birth, marriage, death, burial, immigration, adoption, and biographical details for descendants and spouses of the selected person. The book format is similar to popular family history styles and includes reference citations at the end of each generation.
The Maps tab shows the locations of individuals with the user-specified surname and for either the selected census year or the selected century and event.
The Biographies tab presents detailed biographical information on selected individuals, such as our first immigrants, and family members with notable achievements.
Family Origins are presented for several of the immigrant families. Featured is the English Origins of the Gazlay Family, by Lee Gazlay, first edition in 1995, with limited distribution among Gazlay family members. The 2009 third edition is now available as a .pdf download.
The Photos tab presents various photographs of individuals, families, places, headstones, etc.
The Sources tab includes several notable source documents that are one-of-a-kind or are not widely available.

The Cemeteries tab lists the family members who are buried in various cemeteries.
Our Contact information is presented with the hope that visitors to the site will provide corrections, additions, and comments.

Footer Links

The Credits tab gives credit to the primary contributors of the information presented here, with apologies to individuals who may have been inadvertently omitted.
The Frequently Asked Questions link provides answers to the most common questions about our website.
See the Terms/Privacy link for our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Copyright Statement. Please read this section carefully before using this website. At the heart of family history research is sharing basic personal information. Our Terms and Policies give due consideration for the potential for using such information for identity fraud.
Site Map
A Site Map link is provided in the footer that shows the relationships among pages on this website.



The Technology in this website is rooted in the great work by Leif Biberg Kristensen, found on his website at, which he created under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation. The Gazlay Family History website consists of php pages, css style sheets, and a custom MySql database engine, also developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Click here for more information about the technology used in the Gazlay Family History website.

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