Gazlay Family History

FamilyCaroline T. Scovish


FatherFrank Scovish (born Franscek Skubisz) (ca. August 1907 - 13 June 1966)
MotherStephanie ‘Fannie’ Kostecka (13 November 1907 - 17 February 1994)

Personal Information

Record Created: 16 April 2017; Last Edited: 26 April 2017 
NameCaroline T. Scovish
Born 5 October 19481
Married to Raymond Michael Schmeltzer
Married to Terry Van May


Spouse 1FamilyRaymond Michael Schmeltzer
Born 15 October 1945
Married to Caroline T. Scovish
Died 11 October 2009
Spouse 2FamilyTerry Van May
Born 9 June 1943
Married to Caroline T. (née Scovish) Schmeltzer
Died 14 April 2004 in Ocala, Marion County, Florida


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