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Record Created: 16 April 2017; Last Edited: 16 April 2017 
NameArthur Simpson
Married to Helen Scovish (born Helena Skubisz)
Died 19851


Spouse 1FamilyHelen Scovish (born Helena Skubisz) (daughter of Stanley Scovish (born Stanislaw Skubisz) and Antoinette Krupowski (born Antoinette Prekopska))
Born March 1906 in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey
Married 28 January 1927 in Montville, New London County, Connecticut to Adam D. Rotcko
Married to Adelard Joseph Briere
Married to Arthur Simpson
Died 16 August 1985 in New London, New London County, Connecticut


  1. Obituary, The Day, New London, Connecticut, 18 August 1985, Helen Simpson, died: 16 August 1985 in New London, Connecticut. The article provides vital and brief biographical details, the names of her parents, husband, son, brother, two sisters, and place of burial. Her birth details in the article conflict with an immigration record, which shows her as being the first born of her siblings.