Gazlay Family History

FamilyBreczia ‘Bertha’ Krupowski


FatherKostak Krupowski (1882 - 9 April 1962)
MotherMichelina ‘Lena’ Drozdowski (ca. 1894 - 5 August 1961)

Personal Information

Record Created: 20 June 2015; Last Edited: 27 June 2015 
NameBreczia ‘Bertha’ Krupowski
Born 3 September 1917 in Connecticut1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Married to Paul P. Sowa6
Died 26 February 1984 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut1, 2, 6
Buried in St. Joseph Cemetery, Norwich, New London County, Connecticut6


Spouse 1FamilyPaul P. Sowa (son of Frank Stanley Sowa and Veronica Fisher)
Born ca. 1915 in Connecticut
Married to Breczia ‘Bertha’ Krupowski
Died 3 October 1961 in Norwich, Chenango County, New York
Children of Breczia ‘Bertha’ Krupowski and Paul P. Sowa:
+1.FamilyPaul Donald ‘Snoonie’ Sowa
Born 24 June 1936 in Connecticut
Married November 1956 in Connecticut to Katherine Buzon
Married 10 June 1977 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut to Marie C. Callahan
Died 14 February 1994 in Colchester, Connecticut
2.FamilyCarol Sowa
Born ca. 1943
Married 30 January 1960 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut to Alber Matthews
Married 4 August 1962 in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut to Charles D. Robinson
3.FamilyRonald J. Sowa
Born 19 December 1953


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