Gazlay Family History

FamilyMary Beth ‘Mary Beth’ Ryan


FatherLewis H. Ryan (29 February 1920 - 23 April 1999)
MotherMary Elizabeth Zehnder (15 June 1922 - 4 August 2010)

Personal Information

Record Created: 21 April 2013; Last Edited: 7 March 2017 
NameMary Beth ‘Mary Beth’ Ryan
Born 16 December 19411, 2
Married 1962 to William R. Tomatich1, 3
Divorced 1979 from William R. Tomatich3


Spouse 1FamilyWilliam R. Tomatich (son of Tony Tomatich and Harriet _____)
Born 24 November 1940
Married 1962 to Mary Beth ‘Mary Beth’ Ryan
Children of Mary Beth ‘Mary Beth’ Ryan and William R. Tomatich:
1.FamilyTheresa Lyn Tomatich
Born 9 October 1963
Married to Brian Haybeck
+2.FamilyLaurel Susan Tomatich
Born 13 June 1966
Married to Corbin Doxey


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  2. This is publicly viewable information found in various public information repositories, people finding websites, and/or social media.
  3. Email from Mary Beth Ryan to Lee Gazlay, February 2017, providing vital details of her family members.