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Record Created: 24 November 2009; Last Edited: 10 September 2012 
NameHuldah Carter
Born 11 February 17671
Married 20 October 1783 to James Gazlay1
Died 21 September 1844 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio2, 3, 4
Buried in Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio2, 3


Spouse 1FamilyJames Gazlay (son of John Gazlay and Anna Ward)
Born 23 January 1758
Married 20 October 1783 to Huldah Carter
Died 6 August 1823
Children of Huldah Carter and James Gazlay:
+1.FamilyJames William Gazlay
Born 23 July 1784 in New York, New York
Married 8 December 1811 in Norwich, Chenango County, New York to Martha ‘Patty’ Randall
Married 13 April 1820 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio to Rebecca M. Williams
Died 8 June 1874 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
+2.FamilyRev. Sayrs Gazlay
Born 12 July 1787 in New York
Married 4 February 1835 in Fairfield, Hamilton County, Ohio to Susan Hay
Died 24 May 1874
3.FamilyAnn Gazlay
Born 25 September 1789 in New York
Died 5 July 1857 in Green Township, Hamilton County, Ohio
4.FamilyElizabeth Gazlay
Born 26 March 1792
Married 21 June 1821 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Charles Fraser Kellogg
Died 1829
+5.FamilyCornelia Gazlay
Born 1 August 1794 in New York
Married 7 May 1818 in Greenville, Greene County, New York to James S. Chamberlain
Died 13 August 1873
+6.FamilyAribert Gazlay
Born 10 December 1797 in Dutchess County, New York
Married 15 April 1827 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Elizabeth Buck
Died 22 May 1885 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio
+7.FamilyKarenda Gazlay
Born 22 April 1800 in New York
Married August 1825 to David Swing
Married 1835 to James Hageman
Died 26 January 1890 in Williamsburg, Clermont County, Ohio
+8.FamilyMary Elizabeth Gazlay
Born 9 December 1805
Married November 1821 in Indiana to William C. Keene
Died 1833
9.FamilyJulia Ann Gazlay
Born 1806 in New York
Married 5 August 1847 in Hamilton County, Ohio to Garrett Van Ausdol
Died 17 May 1858 in Colerain Township, Hamilton County, Ohio
10.FamilyHulda Jane Gazlay
Born 3 June 1808
Died 10 August 1830
+11.FamilyAdelia ‘Della’ Gazlay
Born 14 December 1813 in Cairo, Greene County, New York
Married 12 November 1832 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio to Albert Gallatin Knight
Died 18 April 1858 in Racine, Racine County, Wisconsin
+12.FamilyTheodore Gazlay
Born 27 August 1815 in Cairo, Greene County, New York
Married 23 December 1845 in Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, Indiana to Jane Eliza Fitch
Died 19 January 1899 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio


  1. Genealogy of the Gazlay Family, collated by Theodore Gazlay, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1890; unpublished. Transcription available at Gazlay Family History (website).
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  3. Cemetery Inscriptions, Spring Grove Cemetery, Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio; Lot #92, Section #54, monument with the following inscriptions: Hulda, wife of James Gazlay, died September 21, 1844, age 77 years / Rebecca W., wife of James W. Gazlay, died February 15, 1834, age 29 years 7 months / William E. Gazlay, their first son, died May 11, 1843, age 19 years 11 months / James, their second son, died October 5, 1828, age 2 years / Clare, their fourth son, died June 11, 1833, age 1 1/2 years.
  4. Gazlay History, written by Spencer G. Kuhn, a grandchild of Theodore Gazlay; undated. This is a typewritten re-compilation of the earlier Genealogy of the Gazlay Family, compiled by Theodore Gazlay in 1890, including the 1852 statement of the family history by Reverend Sayers Gazlay, an elder brother of Theodore. This document re-formats the information in the 1890 work. For example, facts originally shown in list form, such as birth and death dates, are incorporated in the narrative of this later work. Two post-1890 sections are unique to this document: one with additional details about Theodore Gazlay’s family, with dates as late as 1951; and another on the Donaldson family, featuring Jean Gazlay Donaldson and her six marriages, with several dates in 1965.