Gazlay Family History

FamilyJudah Hart Gazlay


FatherRalph Leavenworth Gazlay (14 May 1808 - 27 January 1884)
MotherHarriet Elizabeth Hart (2 January 1818 - 26 February 1896)

Personal Information

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NameJudah Hart Gazlay
Born 13 February 1842 in South Edmeston, Otsego County, New York1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Married 30 December 1866 to Maria Elizabeth Gustin4, 5
Died 7 March 1921 in Hamilton, Madison County, New York1, 4, 5
Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Hamilton, Madison County, New York1, 4


Judah Hart Gazlay was born in South Edmeston, Feb. 13, 1842. The name was Harriet Hart's father's name. Dec. 30th, 1866, he married Maria Elizabeth Gustin. Rev. S. S. Cady officiated. They lived in West Edmeston, Bridgewater, Morris, Deansboro, and Hamilton. He was a cheese maker by profession, and loved horses, especially spirited horses. He judged horse races at fairs. Judah was 5 ft. 9 1/2 in., average weight 165, blue eyes, light brow hair and resembled his mother in looks. Maria Elizabeth was 5 ft. 5 in., average weight 140 lbs., black eyes and brown hair, but the hair turned grey very young. The dark complexion was like Mother Ann Fenton Gustin. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gazlay observed their Golden Wedding in 1916. The following is the newspaper account:

"On Monday last at the home of their son, D. H. Gazlay on Payne Street was celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gazlay of this village. At one o'clock a dinner was served to the members of the family and in the afternoon a number of friends called to extend greetings to the bride and groom of fifty years. J. H. Gazlay and Maria Gustin were married at Columbus, N.Y. on Monday Dec 31, 1866, and for the past twenty five years have lived in Hamilton.

"Five children were born to them. Four of whom are living, and with their families were present on Monday: Dorr H. Gazlay and Arthur Gazlay of Hamilton, S. Howard Gazlay of Syracuse, and Mrs. Grace Shurger of Karlville, N. Y. There are also four grand children, three of whom attended the Golden Wedding.

"The house was prettily decorated for the occasion. Evergreen with yellow roses, tinsel, etc., were used. From the center of the table in the dining room was suspended a large golden bell, and from the center of the bell to the corners of the table were streamers of yellow. In the center of the table was a wedding cake with fifty candles. Mr. and Mrs. Gazlay received many gifts appropriate to the occasion, among them being a crate of golden fruit from an orange grove of Mrs. Gazlay's sister in Florida."

In answer to the question, "Anything you wish to say about yourself?" Judah wrote, "I leave that for others, as the world looks at it - my life has been a failure." Question, "Which of your children are like you and in what way?" Juday wrote, "Only Arthur, in looks and muscular development, also in the mastery of elocution and the skill in management of horses."

Judah H. Gazlay was High Priest of Hillington Chapter of Masons No. 224 at Morris, N. Y. 1876-1877-1878-1879

Margaret Howe wrote, "My memories of Grandfather Gazlay (Judah) are that he was a very distinguished looking man, I especially remember the beard. He was very fond of children, especially my sister Mary. I believe it was more than coincidental that he was holding Mary in the Golden Wedding Picture."5


Judah’s obituary provides additional details of his life:4


Well Known Cheesemaker Victim of Pneumonia

J. H. Gazlay died at his home in the Gazlay block last Monday evening, March 7, aged 79 years. Mr. Gazlay had been ill for only a week with pleuro pneumonia. Mr. Gazlay was born in Edmeston. For nearly fifty years, he made his home in the Unadilla Valley. Being a cheesemaker by trade he soon established a name for the products of his creamery. At one time he had charge of nearly all the creameries in the valley. He was married to Maria E. Gustin of Columbus in 1866. In 1891 Mr. and Mrs. Gazlay moved to Hamilton, where he has been a citizen for 30 years. Mr. Gazlay was a well preserved man and did not show the usual weight of age. He was active, always doing something. His step was quick and his mind alert. He was well known to all, both young and old, and was liked by everyone. He was a member of Hamilton Lodge, F. & A. M., the Cyrus Chapter, and the Royal Arch Masons. After thirty years of citizenship in Hamilton the best estimate that can be placed upon him is: He was an honorable, upright citizen. He is survived by his wife, three sons, Dorr H., Arthur J., and S. Howard; one daughter, Mrs. Grace Shurger, all of Hamilton; and by one sister, Mrs. Esther Parker of New Berlin. Funeral services were held from his late home Thursday afternoon, conducted by Rev. Frank D. Elmer of the Baptist church. Burial was made in Woodlawn cemetery.


Spouse 1FamilyMaria Elizabeth Gustin (daughter of John Levi Gustin and Mary Ann Fenton)
Born 28 December 1847 in Columbus, Chenango County, New York
Married 30 December 1866 to Judah Hart Gazlay
Died 25 August 1935
Children of Judah Hart Gazlay and Maria Elizabeth Gustin:
+1.FamilyDorr Hart Gazlay
Born 18 January 1868 in West Edmeston, Otsego County, New York
Married 26 June 1895 in Verona, Oneida County, New York to Aura Brockway
Married 1 December 1903 in Oneida, Madison County, New York to Flora Belle Eastman
Died 13 October 1922 in Lake Moraine, Madison County, New York
+2.FamilyArthur Jay Gazlay
Born 8 February 1870 in Bridgewater, Oneida County, New York
Married 2 April 1908 in Hamilton, Madison County, New York to Inez E. Lincoln
Died 23 February 1965
3.FamilyLynn Harold Gazlay
Born 21 August 1873 in Otsego County, New York
Died 29 January 1882 in Morris, Otsego County, New York
4.FamilyGrace Lillian Gazlay
Born 5 October 1876 in Morris, Otsego County, New York
Married 18 April 1916 in Hamilton, Madison County, New York to Rodney Shurger
Died 18 February 1970
+5.FamilySilas Howard Gazlay
Born 16 September 1893 in Hamilton, Madison County, New York
Married 17 August 1916 in Clinton, Oneida County, New York to Edith Blair
Died 9 March 1962 in Hamilton, Madison County, New York


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