Gazlay Family History

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Surnames below are listed as found in obituaries, cemetery records, death certificates, or on grave markers. This generally means that a married woman will be listed under her married surname. In this case, her maiden name is also shown below for reference purposes. The birth and death dates shown below are from various records (see the Family page for the individual), and may not necessarily agree with the dates that may appear in cemetery records or on the grave marker.

New York

   Queens County

      Naspeth, Mount Olivet Cemetery

Cowan, Mary Isabella (née Furman) (ca. November 1875 - 29 February 1944) 
Furman, Benjamin Mather (31 October 1827 - 6 January 1918) 
Furman, Benjamin Franklin (ca. April 1861 - 27 July 1937) 
Furman, Hetty Morrell (née Smith) (September 1831 - 2 January 1909) 
Furman, Howard Cogswell (ca. 1842 - 7 June 1926) 
Furman, Ida May (née Fay) (ca. 1869 - 5 May 1948) 
Ludde, Hermine (née Franz) (ca. 1850 - 12 April 1932)