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Family HistoryFamily History - Joseph Scovish (born Skubisz)


Key:1.“+” preceding a child’s name indicates the child has their own paragraph in the next generation.
 2.“born xxxx” indicates the child is under 18 years of age and the birth date is known but withheld.
This family history features Joseph Scovish (born Skubisz) and his immediate family.

First Generation
1. Joseph Scovish (born Skubisz),1 born ca. February 1910 in New Jersey, the son of Stanley Scovish (born Stanislaw Skubisz) and Antoinette Krupowski (born Antoinette Prekopska).1
  1. U.S. Federal Census, 1910, New Jersey, Hudson County, Jersey City, Enumeration District 86, Sheet No. 23B, family of Stanislaw Skubiz (30, Aust., laborer, lumber yard, immigrated 1904); wife of 3 years Antonette Skubisz (28, Aust., immigrated 1904); son Frank Skubisz (4, New Jersey); daughter Helen Skubisz (3, New Jersey); son Joseph Skubisz (2/12, New Jersey); border Wojcesh Zaleski (35, Aust., laborer, railroad, married 10 years, immigrated 1909); border Michael Zaleski (38, Aust., laborer, railroad, married 14 years, immigrated 1909); border Michael Staskewski (40, Aust., laborer, iron foundry, married 18 years, immigrated 1909); border John Skubisz (28, Aust., laborer, railroad, married 4 years, immigrated 1909); border Joseph Gust (35, Aust., laborer, railroad, married 9 years, immigrated 1909).