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Key:1.“+” preceding a child’s name indicates the child has their own paragraph in the next generation.
 2.“born xxxx” indicates the child is under 18 years of age and the birth date is known but withheld.
This family history features Kenneth E. Sisson and his immediate family.

First Generation
1. Kenneth E. Sisson,1 born ca. 1916 in Connecticut, the son of Henry Everett Sisson and Nellie Dora Burdick.1, 2
  1. U.S. Federal Census, 1920, Connecticut, New London County, Waterford, Enumeration District 303, Sheet No. 13B, family of Henry A. Sisson (47, Connecticut, farm laborer); wife Dora Sisson (31, Connecticut); son Hayward Sisson (9, Connecticut); Mabel Sisson (7, Connecticut); son Keeney Sisson (3 3/12, Connecticut); Frank Sisson (2 6/12, Connecticut).
  2. U.S. Federal Census, 1930, Connecticut, New London County, Montville, Enumeration District 6-21, Sheets No. 14B and 15A, family of Henry E. Sisson (60, Connecticut, first married age 21); wife Dora N. Sisson (44, Connecticut, first married age 20); son Kenneth E. Sisson (17, Connecticut, fish cutter, fisheries); son Frank H. Sisson (13, Connecticut); daughter Annabelle E. Sisson (8, Connecticut); daughter Jessie M. Sisson (5, Connecticut); daughter Blanche M. Sisson (2 0/12, Connecticut).