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Key:1.“+” preceding a child’s name indicates the child has their own paragraph in the next generation.
 2.“born xxxx” indicates the child is under 18 years of age and the birth date is known but withheld.
This family history features Charles Albert Dalton and his immediate family.

First Generation
1. Charles Albert Dalton,1 born 12 January 1926 in Harris County, Texas, the son of Frank Alonzo Dalton and Pauline Etta Gazley (born Moore);1, 2 died 31 July 1988.3
  1. Texas Birth Index 1903-1997, Dalton, Charles Albert; born 12 Jan 1926, Harris County, Texas; record provides the names of his parents.
  2. U.S. Federal Census, 1930, Texas, Harris County, Precinct No. 8, Enumeration District 101-199, Sheet No. 2B and 3A, family of William A. Dunlap (70, Mississippi, farmer, first married age 21); wife Gertrude Dunlap (52, Texas); son Otis Dunlap (33, Texas, laborer, farm, first married age 21); grand son-in-law Frank A. Dalton (28, Illinois, laborer, farm, first married age 21); wife Pauline Dalton (25, Texas, first marriage age 18); son Charles A. Dalton (4, Texas); son Jack Dalton (2, Texas).
  3. Social Security Death Index (SSDI), Rootsweb (website). Dalton, Charles Albert; no. 453-24-6886; born 12 Jan 1926; died 31 Jul 1988.