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Family HistoryFamily History - William K. O’Brien


Key:1.“+” preceding a child’s name indicates the child has their own paragraph in the next generation.
 2.“born xxxx” indicates the child is under 18 years of age and the birth date is known but withheld.
This family history features William K. O’Brien and his immediate family.

First Generation
1. William K. O’Brien,1 born 13 February 1931 (parents not determined).1 William married, 19 December 1959 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, Joan Kay Cannon1 (born 23 October 1939 in Brookfield, Linn County, Missouri, the daughter of Andrew Jackson Cannon and Myrtle Maxine Moore;2 Joan died 13 June 1982 in Leawood, Johnson County, Kansas2).

  1. Marriage Certificate, with Marriage License, State of Missouri, County of Jackson, Kansas City, William J. O’Brien and Joan K. Cannon, married on 19 December 1959. Document viewed in Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002, available at The index also gives their respective birth dates.
  2. Gazlay Family Tree, available at; owner: Charles Lee Gazlay. Although this online family tree is unsourced, public records and other sources provide confirmation of many of the event dates and places presented in this family tree, with few conflicts. Therefore, the information in this family tree is considered highly reliable.